Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

The situation in Egypt is not as black as it has been painted in the media; life goes on as normal. Many tourists have abounded Egypt, but travellers that continue to visit Egypt have experienced Egypt as a safe place to visit. We are operating all our tours throughout Egypt in the same way as [...]

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?2016-09-09T14:29:16+02:00

Do we need an entry visa for a trip to Egypt?

Yes, all foreigners entering Egypt must obtain visas from the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in their own country or at the airport or port of arrival in Egypt. Getting a visa upon arrival is easy; the whole process takes a few minutes. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the day [...]

Do we need an entry visa for a trip to Egypt?2016-09-09T14:40:19+02:00

Are vaccinations required for Egypt?

Vaccinations for Egypt are not mandatory; however, vaccinations against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis A are recommended. Contact your local Municipal Health Service for detailed information. Malaria does not occur in Egypt.

Are vaccinations required for Egypt?2016-09-09T14:39:37+02:00

What weather can we expect in Egypt?

Winters, (October to May) are mild and summers (June to September) are hot. In the coastal regions, temperatures range between an average of 14° C (57°F) in winter and an average maximum of 30° C (86° F) in summer.

What weather can we expect in Egypt?2016-09-09T14:38:57+02:00

What is the currency in Egypt?

Egyptian pound, in Arabic a guinea (LE or E₤) is the official currency. One pound consists of 100 piasters (pt). We accept Euros, US$ and GBP£ on board. Banks and ATM’s can only be found in main cities.

What is the currency in Egypt?2016-09-09T14:38:11+02:00

What is the voltage in Egypt?

Egypt has a voltage supply of 220V. You need a two pin plug, the type that is common throughout Europe (though not in the UK). Check whether you need a converter and/or an adapter before departure.

What is the voltage in Egypt?2016-09-09T14:37:48+02:00
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