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Faq Nile Dahabiya Boats2017-08-02T12:01:12+02:00
What is the difference between The Orient, Zekrayaat and Loulia Dahabiya?2017-07-31T16:14:20+02:00

The only difference between our three boats is the number of cabins and suites. The Orient has 4 cabins and 1 suite. Zekrayaat and Loulia both have 4 cabins and 2 suites.

Where do we embark/disembark the Dahabiya?2016-09-12T10:14:05+02:00

Our standard Dahabiya boat trips sail back and forth on the Nile between Esna and Aswan, start location is one of the two mentioned cities. We offer a guaranteed choice between two itineraries for 3 or 4-night journey. We also offer different trips and itineraries that can be tailored to families or small private groups. We provide free transportation to and from any address in Luxor or Aswan to the Dahabiya boat, according to the itinerary.

What time will we be picked up for the transfer to the boat?2016-09-12T10:11:15+02:00

Pick-up time is 09.00 hours. Please let us know well in advance your address in Luxor or Aswan where our driver will meet you for the transfer to the Dahabiya boat.

Are the excursion costs included in the total price?2016-09-12T10:10:12+02:00

Yes, all excursion costs are included during the Dahabiya cruise.

Will there by a guide on board?2016-09-12T10:09:09+02:00

Yes, an English speaking Egyptologist travels with you and will accompany all the guests during the entire boat trip. If you prefer a guide who speaks another foreign language than English, we can easily arrange that. Please let us know.

What are the meals like?2016-09-12T10:05:46+02:00

With no more than 12 guests to cater for, and fresh supplies delivered each morning from the nearby mainland, our chefs have the time and facilities to create an exquisite dining experience each day. They serve authentic dishes with Egyptian and Mediterranean-inspired flavours. Individual dietary requirements and vegetarians can easily be catered for. The following meals are included: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner. Drinks are included with breakfast and afternoon tea. All other drinks will be charged separately.

How many guests does each Dahabiya accommodate?2016-09-12T10:04:27+02:00

Dahabiya The Orient can accommodate up to 10 guests. Dahabiya Zekrayaat and Dahabiya Loulia can accommodate up to 12 guests. Most boats of similar measurements can accommodate 16 or more guests. However, as we designed our boats, one of the main objectives was to create as much space as possible on board.

Can we stay in a cabin with the three of us?2016-10-12T17:12:10+02:00

Although the cabins are large by Dahabiya standards, it’s not possible to stay in a cabin with three persons.

Is there electricity and air-conditioning on board?2016-09-12T10:03:28+02:00

There are 220-volt power points all over the boat. As electricity is provided by a generator, we have to switch the generator off at night time. The entire boat is air-conditioned.

What currency is accepted on board?2017-07-31T16:16:25+02:00

We accept EUR€, US$ and GBP£ on board, but no credit cards.

What happens if there is no wind or the wind blows hard?2016-09-12T10:01:21+02:00

There are no engines on board our Dahabiya boats; they are designed for sailing the Nile. Due to the prevailing wind, more sailing is possible upstream towards Aswan than downstream towards Esna. Even the ancient hieroglyphs show this: a boat with a sail is sailing south (=upstream), a boat with oars is heading north (=downstream). Luckily each of our Dahabiya has its own small tug that can help if the natural elements fail.

Can we charter the boat for a private journey?2016-09-12T09:57:25+02:00

Yes, it is also possible to book our Dahabiya boats privately for your group for a minimum number of 3 nights. Different trips and itineraries can be tailored to families or small private groups. Early booking is highly recommended for private journeys, especially in the high season, October through April. Please contact us for more detailed information and suggested itineraries.

Can we stay less than 3 nights?2016-09-12T09:55:59+02:00

Not unless you’re booking the whole boat exclusively for your own use. The 3 night’s journey is the only possibility for those with a shorter stay in Egypt.

Is the Dahabiya more suitable for people travelling privately or with an extended group?2016-10-12T17:12:10+02:00

The choice is yours, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. Travelling with an extended group can be very fulfilling. Many guests find it very easy to mix and chat with others. At the same time, the setting on board allows couples the privacy they may want, even when travelling with others. Because of the relaxed, personal atmosphere, with communal dining and plenty of interesting activities and tours throughout the journey, many of our guests choose to travel privately as well.

Is it safe to swim in the Nile River?2016-09-12T10:00:09+02:00

Not everywhere, but the crew knows exactly where it’s safe to swim in the Nile.

Is there any social etiquette to keep in mind?2016-10-12T17:12:10+02:00

In Egypt, public displays of affection should be kept to a minimum. Caution should be taken regarding picture taking in Egypt. Always ask if it’s OK to take pictures of someone or something before doing so. People in rural areas are not familiar with foreigners taking pictures of them, so it’s best to ask and be friendly first. At museums, signs will guide you. Do not take pictures of military people, soldiers or government-looking places. There is no dress code on board the boat. Feel free to wear casual and comfortable clothes to fit your individual preference. However, please be advised that in general Egyptians are conservative, especially in smaller villages, therefore, do not to wear tight-fitting or revealing clothing, mainly when going on excursions.

What do you recommend that we bring for our trip to Egypt?2016-10-12T17:12:10+02:00

The main things you need to bring includes the following: sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, shoes for walking through water (sandals), walking shoes, warm socks, camera, a small flashlight, a small backpack if wanted, personal toiletries & medicine. On board the Dahabiya, we provide all bed linen and bath towels.

Is the Dahabiya Nile cruise suitable for children?2016-10-12T17:12:10+02:00

Yes, the boats and daily activities are suitable for children.

How much do I tip the crew?2018-01-10T15:09:19+02:00

Tips are not mandatory; they are just a sign of recognition for a job well done. All crew members are usually tipped between € 5 & € 10 per person per day by a group of 8 guests.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?2016-09-09T14:29:16+02:00

The situation in Egypt is not as black as it has been painted in the media; life goes on as normal. Many tourists have abounded Egypt, but travellers that continue to visit Egypt have experienced Egypt as a safe place to visit. We are operating all our tours throughout Egypt in the same way as we always did, there is nothing to worry about; it’s all positive. The bigger picture is that millions of Egyptian do practice and enjoy their daily life as they always did. We will never operate a tour to any part of Egypt if this can cause troubles to our guests and/or staff.

Do we need an entry visa for a trip to Egypt?2016-09-09T14:40:19+02:00

Yes, all foreigners entering Egypt must obtain visas from the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in their own country or at the airport or port of arrival in Egypt. Getting a visa upon arrival is easy; the whole process takes a few minutes. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the day of departure from Egypt. No photo is required.

Are vaccinations required for Egypt?2016-09-09T14:39:37+02:00

Vaccinations for Egypt are not mandatory; however, vaccinations against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis A are recommended. Contact your local Municipal Health Service for detailed information. Malaria does not occur in Egypt.

What weather can we expect in Egypt?2016-09-09T14:38:57+02:00

Winters, (October to May) are mild and summers (June to September) are hot. In the coastal regions, temperatures range between an average of 14° C (57°F) in winter and an average maximum of 30° C (86° F) in summer.

What is the currency in Egypt?2016-09-09T14:38:11+02:00

Egyptian pound, in Arabic a guinea (LE or E₤) is the official currency. One pound consists of 100 piasters (pt). We accept Euros, US$ and GBP£ on board. Banks and ATM’s can only be found in main cities.

What is the voltage in Egypt?2016-09-09T14:37:48+02:00

Egypt has a voltage supply of 220V. You need a two pin plug, the type that is common throughout Europe (though not in the UK). Check whether you need a converter and/or an adapter before departure.

Can you assist us with other travel arrangements in Egypt?2016-09-09T14:24:54+02:00

Our Nile Dahabiya Boats are owned by and are part of Djed Egypt Travel; an Egyptian tour operator with offices in Cairo and Luxor. We are specialized in tailor-made, small-scale cultural and adventure tours throughout whole Egypt. Any trip can be customized to your preferences, requirements and budget. Djed Egypt travel will be more than happy to assist you in organizing your further travel arrangements in Egypt. Please contact us for more information.

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