Life on board a Nile Dahabiya has many pleasures. You can lie in a deck chair on the sundeck. Read a book or just watch the landscape gliding by. Every day there is a chance to walk around riverside villages, visit local markets and explore ancient monuments along the Nile. An Egyptologist guide accompanies you during the entire boat trip. There’s nothing better than an evening dining under a twinkling night sky by the light of a campfire. You are far away from the fancy-dress parties of the large Nile cruisers. You’ll find no flashing disco’s here, but it is possible to attend a show by local musicians.

Sights others don’t see

All the well-known high points of a regular Nile cruise are visited. For example, the fantastically well-preserved temple in Edfu and the legendary double temple of Kom Ombo. Dahabiya sailing trips also stop at different locations, to explore smaller sites and islands that others don’t see. Among them is El Kab, the ancient city of Nekheb with temples and rock tombs from the Old Kingdom. Gebel el Silsila is another jewel that huge Nile cruisers pass by. Our crew guides you to secluded spots, picturesque and quiet, far away from the crowds. You can go for a walk and explore the Egyptian countryside.

The cuisine alone makes a Dahabiya cruise worthwhile

Be prepared for a culinary adventure on board a Nile Dahabiya! With fresh supplies delivered each morning from local markets and farmers along the river, our chef on board has the ingredients to create an exquisite dinner every day. He serves authentic dishes with Egyptian and Mediterranean-inspired flavours. The food is fresh and delicious. Individual dietary requirements and vegetarians can easily be catered for. Meals are served on the sundeck, in the dining room or on a beautiful spot on the banks of the Nile.