ANile cruise is by far the best way to travel through Upper Egypt. Spending time on the Nile allows you to relax, experience the scenery of rural Egypt and see some of the most beautiful monuments of the country. It’s the highlight of every Egypt trip.

A modern cruise ship versus a Dahabiya

Along the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, a high concentration of well-preserved monuments can be found. The distance between these two places is not very long. A modern cruise ship can cover this route in a day. This means that you only enjoy a few true cruise moments, and the ship is more like a huge floating hotel with entertainment facilities. A Nile cruise on a Dahabiya sailing boat is something completely different. It’s like stepping back into time when travelling was luxurious and leisurely.

Advantages of a Dahabiya Sailing Cruise

A Nile Dahabiya offers the romance of the past with modern comfort and convenience. Our Dahabiya Boats with double lateen sails are less than 40 meters long, built in colonial style and beautifully appointed. As no more than ten or twelve people can travel together on a boat, you share this magical Nile experience with a small group of people. Travelling with such a small number offers advantages. It means that every beautiful temple can be visited at the right time of the day without crowds. A walk through a small village can take place at the golden end of an afternoon. Moreover, the small, manoeuvrable Dahabiya is able to sail to less accessible monuments, islands in the river and villages along the banks, where a huge cruise ship never comes or dock.

 Pure Wind Power

Our traditional two-masted Dahabiya Boats have no engines and completely depend on wind and current. You only hear the sound of the breeze through the sail and the water breaking over the bow. A small tug can help if the natural elements fail.

100% Guaranteed Weekly Departures

We offer a guaranteed choice between two itineraries. Our four Dahabiya Boats, The Orient, Zekrayaat , Loulia and Nora sail up and down the Nile between Esna and Aswan. Upriver from Esna to Aswan, 4-night itinerary, downriver from Aswan to Esna, 3-night itinerary. The same sites are visited in both directions. No minimum number of passengers, with fixed dates for each trip on each Dahabiya Nile cruise.